The climate of the island of Rab

The island and town of Rab are located in a favourable position in relation to Croatian and European tourist markets. Namely, they are south enough to provide a pleasant Mediterranean climate, and north enough to be close to most tourists form Western and Northern Europe.

The island of Rab has a Mediterranean climate, which means long, warm and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The Kamenjak mountain chain protects Rab's resorts from the cold bora wind, characteristic of Kvarner. Snow on Rab is rare. With an average of 2,417 sunshine hours a year, the town of Rab is one of the sunniest parts of Europe. The average temperature is 23.7 °C in summer, 7 °C in winter, and the average sea temperature from May till October is above 20 °C. Due to its pleasant climate, Rab has been extremely popular amongst tourists for 120 years. Particularly well-visited are the sandy beaches on the Lopar peninsula: there are 22 of them, three of which are nudist.


Position of the island of Rab


The island of Rab (Croatia) is part of the Kvarner group of islands, and stretches in a northwest-southeast direction. It is 22 km long and 11 km wide, separated from the mainland by the Velebit Channel. The island of Rab is specific for its geomorphologic characteristics, which consist of ridges and valleys. The highest part of Rab is the Kamenjak massif, parallel with the Velebit mountain, and is 408 m high. Kamenjak is a natural protector from the cold bora wind. In fact, all of Rab's settlements are located on its side, facing the warm sun and wind.