Fun and Free Time on Rab

A holiday at Imperial Hotels also means fun for those who enjoy the nightlife, and also for those who are looking for entertainment during the whole day. Within Imperial's accommodation, there are organised dance and folklore evenings and traditional klapa singing performances. 
During the days and evenings, there are entertainment programmes for children and those for adults. Of course, the town of Rab offers many entertainment possibilities, but its nightlife is particularly interesting, and not only during the summer months. Rab's musical evenings feature well-known local and international performers, and include classical music as well as rock and pop concerts. During the day, Rab is an open studio in which many artists create and exhibit and thus add to the special atmosphere of this picturesque town. The Rab Summer Festival is held in August, with performances by local and foreign musicians (pop, rock, electronic). The line-up always offers new musical sounds brought in by famous performers and DJs. The 'Rapska fjera' – Rab Fair is particularly interesting for all visitors. 
It is a medieval fair which is held from 25th-27th July, when Rab celebrates its patron saints: St. James, St. Ann and St. Christopher. Together these days are the most important of Rab's holidays which have been celebrated continuously for more than seven centuries. During the time of the Rab Fair, the whole town is transformed into a medieval stage. Workshops of medieval crafts are organised, and the town's streets and squares are filled with bakers, masons, blacksmiths, carpenters, scribes etc. Rab's Fair ends with a traditional tournament of knights with a crossbow firing competition between Rab's crossbowmen. When we talk about entertainment and nightlife, we mustn't forget to mention the many restaurants which feature live music as well as the bars and clubs. Among young people, the beach clubs are particular favourites, where the fun lasts 24 hours a day, and the most popular is the Santos Club.