Nature of island Rab

The Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean, and it is precisely due to this clean sea that Rab has attracted numbers of tourists to this island for more than 120 years. The well-kept beaches offer various facilities: you can relax in the bars with some refreshments or walk along some of the paths. If you enjoy an active holiday and want to sample more activities than just swimming, you will find many cycling trails which you help you explore the island of Rab.

The warm sea attracts bathers to many rocks and the pebbly, as well as sandy beaches, for which Rab is especially well-known. The Barbat and Banjol beaches are well-known, but the favourite sandy beaches are those of Kampor and Lopar, and of course, after the renowned, kilometre and a half long Rajska (Paradise) Beach.

The blue sea is not Rab's only natural beauty. Rab itself, in fact, took its name from its forests (the Illyrian name for the island is Arba, which means “forested”, “green”). One quarter of the island is still forested, and the most famous forest is called Kalifront or Dundo. The Kalifront peninsula holds one of the rare preserved Mediterranean holm oak forests. The forest of the largest island oaks in Croatia is crisscrossed with trails for hiking. The hiking trails are easy, so that older people can enjoy them, as well as those who are less physically able. If you take a walk through the Kalifront peninsula, you will not only be delighted with the rich Mediterranean vegetation but also with the clear sea and some of the numerous coves which make up the peninsula.

Along with the forests, numerous parks also adorn Rab. One highlight is the Komrčar Park, which stands at the beginning of the Rab peninsula. On the former pasture at the beginning of the 20th century, many trees were planted: coastal and black pines, cypress, ash, holm oak, fir, evergreen shrubs, agave and Indian figs.

If the remaining natural beauties of Rab attract you, take a walk along the Premužić trail. Built in the 1930s, this educational trail passes through the most interesting parts of Kalifront, and partially through the area of the northernmost part of the island, Lopar and Fruga. On this trail, you will see some of the endemic plant species of the Kvarner region, as well as some of the 162 bird species, many of which live on Rab.

If you're looking for a holiday with a blue and clean sea, natural beauty and want to enjoy taking a walk through the rich Mediterranean vegetation, choose the island of Rab. Its parks and Kalifront forest are waiting for you, just as its sandy beaches are.