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The island of Rab is located in the north Adriatic, in the Kvarner bay. It is a mere two kilometres away from the mainland, with which it is well connected by ferry and catamaran lines.

There are two ferry lines for Rab. One is Stinica − Mišnjak − Stinica, which connects Rab and the mainland, while the other one, Valbiska – Lopar − Valbiska, connects Rab and the island of Krk. The fastest one is Stinica − Mišnjak; the trip takes only 12 minutes and the ferry to Rab departs every 1 to 2 hours. The Valbiska – Lopar − Valbiska line takes 1.5 hours and departs twice a day.

The catamaran line for Rab departs from Rijeka and transports only people. The Rab catamaran departs once a day and the trip takes two hours.

Ferry lines to Rab are maintained by Rapska plovidba (Stinica - Mišnjak) and Jadrolinija (Valbiska - Lopar), while the catamaran line to Rab is provided by Jadrolinija. 


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